85,000 Sign Petition to Help Father Who Gave Cancer-Stricken Daughter Medicinal Cannabis

When Adam Koessler discovered his two-year-old daughter Rumer Rose had Stage 4 Neuroblastoma — a cancerous tumor that develops from nerve tissue, usually in infants and children — he sought a solution to ease her pain and help with her treatment. Unfortunately, he had to break the law to do it.

Koessler reportedly mixed cannabis oil with coconut and administered it to his daughter. It had allegedly delivered “miraculous” signs of improvement to her condition. This resulted in his arrest on January 2nd, because the supply and use of medicinal cannabis oil is currently a criminal offence in Australia, where the two live.


Now change.org has gotten behind Koessler, starting a petition that has thus far seen more than 85,000 people sign on in support. Koessler is set to appear in court tomorrow, and the petition calls for the charges against him to be dropped. It says, in part:

Medical Cannabis has been legalised in many countries and jurisdictions around the globe. There is ample evidence to show that it has many beneficial effects for cancer patients without the harmful side effects and other associated risks of current drug treatments. In fact working in conjunction with the recommended treatment regime, medical cannabis has also been proven to alleviate these adverse side effects.

Adam Koessler deserves to have his parental rights to see his child reinstated, the charges against him dismissed by a court, and the right to decide the treatment options for his own child.

While Koessler is out of jail on bail, he has been banned from seeing his daughter — in part because of Rumor’s mother.

A post on the “Adam Fearless Father” Facebook page states:

Unfortunately, despite a judge in both the family court and the Brisbane magistrates court making orders that allow Adam to see Rumer, and a person to supervise the visit being in place at a court appointed time, the hospital and Rumers mother are not prepared to honour those court orders.

Adam waited at the hospital for hours yesterday, after driving 4 hours to Brisbane, only to be eventually told by nursing staff, a member of child protection and security guards that he needed to leave the hospital. So he still has NOT seen Rumer.

Rumor is currently in the Lady Cilento Children’s hospital in South Brisbane; she was moved to Intensive care after having seizures on January 9th.

You can video more photos of Adam and Rumor on The Mirror.