Medicinal Cannabis: Your Guide to Knowing Quality Seeds

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Medicinal marijuana patients are often given the chance to grow their own plants in the privacy of their own homes. When given this choice, the patients receive prescriptions for cannabis seeds to grow their plants. Reviewing how to get quality seeds for medicinal cannabis shows patients the best ways to choose the right seeds without issues.

Choose Breeders With
Complete Details on Their Products

Choosing breeders with complete details on their products helps the patients find a seed breeder that can answer the customer’s questions. It’s important to know where the seeds were produced, if the seeds were crossbred, and how the seeds were acquired from the plants. These details are vital to determine if the seeds are of the highest quality. If the breeder is unable to answer the patient’s questions about the seeds chances are that the breeder didn’t obtain the seeds from their own plants. Recognizing an amateur breeder helps the patients find better seeds and avoid inferior products. Patients who want to learn more about how to get high-quality cannabis seeds can get help from i49 right now.

Ask About How the Crops Were Treated

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Asking about how the crops were treated helps the patient determine if the breeder took all necessary precautions to protect the plants when cultivating the seeds. Marijuana plants are susceptible to mold, bacterial, and funguses. Without proper treatment, the plants won’t stay healthy, and the seeds won’t be of the highest quality. There are a variety of products used to treat the crops that are organic and don’t require heavy chemicals. Discussing the crop treatment process helps the patient determine if the breeder has produced healthy crops and derived healthy seeds from the plants.

Testing the Shell of the Seed

Testing the shell of the seed determines if the seeds are healthy and ready for use. The shell of the seeds should be able to withstand pressure without cracking or breaking. The patient can just press their fingernail into the seed to conduct the test. If the shell maintains its integrity, the seeds are viable and healthy. The patient should never accept seeds that are cracked or broken. The conditions indicate that the seeds are not viable.

Don’t Buy White Seeds

Avoiding white seeds ensures that the patient doesn’t get any seeds that are immature. Mature cannabis seeds are more of a gray color and might have some stripes on the exterior of the shell. If there is any whiteness on the shell, the seeds are not ready to plant and could reduce the quality of the cannabis plants.

What Is a Float Test?

A float test is a simple process to determine if the cannabis seeds are ready to plant. The seeds are placed in distilled water, and the individual watches to see if the seeds float or sink into the water. Any cannabis seeds that sink are viable and ready to plant in healthy soil. If the seeds float, the seeds are too immature for germination.

Medicinal marijuana patients can grow a certain number of plants in their own homes where permitted by local laws. When given this opportunity, the patients must discover the best ways to find high-quality cannabis seeds for growing the plants. Understanding how to find healthy and viable cannabis seeds ensures the patients will get the full benefits of the medicinal cannabis.

In the end, medicinal cannabis can really change the life of the person who uses it. If you are unsure of where to buy quality marijuana, check out Online Dispensary Canada. They are also offering 10% off your first order!

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