Meet the 2ft 8in Bride Who Married a Hulking 6ft 1in Groom

Amanda Fyfe was born with Osteogenesis Imperfecta, a severe brittle bone disease that makes her very vulnerable to breaking bones and has also stunted her growth greatly. At 2 feet 8 inches, Amanda is lucky to be alive. After she was born, doctors told her parents she would probably not survive one night. Now, at age 31, she’s done what she calls “a dream come true.” She married the love of her life, Steven, who is a hulking 6 ft 1in man.

Not only has Amanda gotten married, she gave birth to Steven’s son, Aidan, six years ago. Aidan is now taller than his tiny mom at 3 ft 2in.

In the early days of dating Steven, Amanda worried that people would judge the couple’s relationship. “Some people looked at us, but we just ignored them,” she explains.

As for Steven, he says the height issue never mattered. He always thought Amanda was out of his league.

The couple are very open about their healthy sex life, which they know people wonder about. When they first started sleeping together, Amanda says that Steven made her feel at ease. Never did the two think Amanda would get pregnant however. Doctors had told her that it was unlikely she’d ever conceive. But a few months into their new relationship, Amanda got pregnant.2D5E354800000578-3270393-Aidan_pictured_two_years_ago_is_now_taller_than_his_mum_at_3ft_2-a-25_1444749244047

At the time Steven was only 18 and Amanda feared he wouldn’t want a baby. She was wrong. With specialist care during her pregnancy and a carefully controlled birth, Aidan was luckily born without complications. He’s a healthy and happy boy today.

Steven proposed to Amanda in 2012, and immediately she set out to plan her dream wedding. Finding a dress her size was a huge obstacle. “I tried lots of dresses and most looked ridiculous,” she says. “Some of the bodies were so big, you couldn’t see my head.” Finally, she found the perfect ivory gown that she had tailored to fit her tiny frame.

When the newlyweds shared their first dance at their reception in July, Steven carried Amanda to the dancefloor, where the two danced around to their favorite song “Heaven” by DJ Sammy.

Will there be another baby in the future? “We’re looking at other options and we’re considering adoption,” Amanda says, after explaining that she hasn’t been in the best health lately. “We’d love to give Aidan a brother or a sister. We have so much love to give as a family.”

We hope that Amanda gets her health back and that she and Steven continue to grow their beautiful family. They truly are a miracle couple.