Meet Gary, the Concerned Kitten Who Is Stealing Our Hearts

This little guy is Gary, the Concerned Kitten that is taking the Internet—and our hearts—by storm. Gary is only eight weeks old but he has already achieved online stardom thanks to his unique eyebrow-like facial markings.

The kitten’s two black “eyebrows” make him look like he’s in a constant state of concern. Aww!

It is nearly impossible to say “no” to that face.

Gary is apparently from Bolton, England and is owned by Andy and Caroline Entwistle. He is one of four kittens in a little from their Dalmation cat.

Caroline told local news media that Gary was named after Gary Barlow, from the boy band Take That.

“His eyebrows move all over the place when he’s singing so Andy decided it was the perfect name for our kitten,” Caroline said.

Check out Gary’s heart-melting photos in the slideshow above.