Meet the Girl Born with Heart Outside of Her Chest

We discovered this strange image of a beautiful five-year-old girl named Virsaviya “Bathsheba” Borun through a defunct Indiegogo campaign designed to raise money for the myriad medical treatments she requires.

Her condition is known as Pantalogy of Cantrell, which means that, essentially, she was born with her heart and intestines outside of her chest. Where she lives in Russia, doctors weren’t able to treat her condition, so her single mother sought treatment elsewhere.

From the campaign description:

After being turned down for treatment from many doctors in many different cities a physician at Boston’s Children’s Hospital agreed to treat her. Her appointment is set for Feb. 23,2015. Dari, Virsaviya’s mother is single and cares for her alone. She does not have the financial capability to pay for the expenses of getting to Boston and paying for the tests and operations needed. These operations can be crucial in whether or not her daughter lives a long life.

The campaign ended February 12, having raised $8,517 of the stated $20,000 goal. To put that in perspective, that potato salad Kickstarter raised more than $55,000 in total. We’re not sure what’s happened to her since, but we’ll update this article if we find any information.