WATCH: Meet Joel, the Guy Who Set the World Record for the ‘Most Facial Flesh Tunnels’

Joel Miggler has more stretched piercings than anyone else in the world.  With this achievement, he’s been recognized by the Guinness World Records with the hard earned title for Most Flesh Tunnels (Face). That just means he has the most facial piercings in the world.Facial Piercings Guy

Joel has flesh holes fitted with expanders all over his face, even his nose and lips. The largest ‘tunnels’ are in both cheeks and measure 34 mm. Apparently, that’s not enough because Joel plans to increase them to 40 mm.

He admits that body modification has become a bit of an addiction since he started getting piercings at age of 13 with a “normal” fleshy in his earlobe, but he’s very proud of his piercings which make him unique. He would even like to get an eye-ball implant in the future.

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