Meet Myrtle Corbin: the Four-Legged Girl from Texas

Myrtle Corbin was born in 1868 with a congenital deformity that caused her to have two separate pelvises (and vaginas) and a smaller set of legs. She was a dipygus, and known as the four-legged girl from Texas.

Although she was able to move the extra inner legs, they were not strong enough for her to walk on them.

At just one-month-old, her father began letting inquisitive neighbors get a peek at her for 10 cents.

Ultimately, she started performing with the Ringling Brothers. She was such a popular act that she would often pull in as much as $450 a week. By the time she turned 18, she earned enough money to retire, and went on to get married and have five children.

According to several sources, Corbin’s children were born in a very peculiar fashion: three were apparently born out of one vagina, and two from the other.

From Wikipedia:

One of her first promotional pamphlets described her as being as “gentle of disposition as the summer sunshine and as happy as the day is long.

She died on May 6, 1928.