WATCH: Meet the Real Voice of Siri & Find Out How She Landed the Gig

Who knew the ubiquitous woman’s voice on Siri was an actual human person? Her name is Susan Bennett, and in an interview with CNN recently, she came clean, and told the world she was in fact Siri.Susan Bennett

A voice-over actor for over 20 years, Bennett has lent her voice to many large companies–from Coke to Delta, to many GPS systems

Before Siri, Bennett was the voice of the first ATM machines.

She told  CNN she signed a contract with software company ScanSoft — now known as Nuance — to lend her voice to recordings for a larger database. Bennett then entered the recording studio in July 2005, to read phrases and sentences for 4 hours a day for the entire month–she had no idea where her voice would end up.

Bennett told CNN she didn’t know she was Siri until a friend emailed her and asked her to listen to Siri,  it her. Bennett says she knew her voice as soon as she heard.

CNN went so far as to do a voice forensics specialist to listen, and they indeed confirmed the voice was the same.