Meet Smiley, the Adorable Therapy Dog Without Eyes

Smiley the golden retriever was born blind and raised in a puppy mill where he was often neglected. Despite his unfortunate past, Smiley is perpetually happy, as reflected by his name.

Today, he works as a therapy dog, effortlessly motivating and cheering up all sorts of handicapped and ill patients who need it the most, Bored Panda reports. These pictures were captured by photographer Stacey Morrison, who recently had a shoot with Smiley.


She said that Smiley, “bumps into things a lot. And as I quickly learned, when he’s running towards you, he doesn’t know when to stop! But otherwise he gets along just fine. In fact, as he’s going about his doggy business — sniffing, listening, frolicking, nuzzling — you forget that he has a disability.”

Joanne, Smiley’s owner, insists that “it’s important that he explores his surroundings on his own, using his own instincts, without people hovering over him or cringing every time he bumps into something.”

You can view more photos of Smiley before or read the full story at Bored Panda.

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