Meet the 18-Year-Old ‘She-Wolf’ Gang Leader Wanted for Murder, Drug Trafficking and More

Gabriela Iparraguirre Porras is only 18 years old and is already and infamous gang leader carrying out violent acts of murder, extortion and drug trafficking. She has risen through the ranks of the Peruvian criminal underworld and earned the name ‘She-Wolf’ for her ruthlessly vicious crimes, all while still in her teens.

Now the law has caught up with her, we have learned more about her path to power and the details and extent of her crimes.

Peruvian police were able to catch her and two co-conspirators while they were planning a hit on a businessman. The details of how they were caught are not clear. The job was reportedly worth over $6,000 USD.

She will be held for at least nine months while investigators look into the extent of her alleged crimes, at the request of a local prosecutor.

Porras and her cohorts were found in possession of guns, grenades, and drugs at the time of their arrest.

It is not yet known the specifics of what she will be charged with, pending the results of further investigation.