Meet the 5-Year-Old Boy Who Used to Be a Girl

Meet Jacob Lemay, a happy little boy who lives with his two sisters, mom and dad. However, the Lemays were once a family of three girls. Jacob used to be Mia, and a year ago she decided she wanted to be a he: Jacob.

It all started when Jacob was just two years old. That’s when he began telling his family, “I am a boy.” Mimi and Joe Lemay, Jacob’s parents sat down with NBC News and explained to them how Mia was always really Jacob.

“Her need to play boy roles and her need to be seen or spoken to as a boy at home became very persistent and very consistent. Those are the hallmarks of a possibly transgender child: consistence, persistence and insistence – and she was meeting all those markers,” said Mimi Lemay.

As a little girl Mia was never happy, and started showing hate towards her body at a very young age, saying things like “Why did God make me this way?” What the parents thought was just a tomboy phase slowly became a permanent change. Mia wanted to be a boy named Jacob, and that’s exactly what happened.

Jacob’s parents came across the story of another transgender child, Ryland. At the age of six Ryland Whittington became a transgender, going from a girl to a boy. Mimi and Joe decided it was time to sit down with their child and ask the question that could potentially change their lives forever.

They showed him the video of Ryland and when it finished asked him, “What do you think about that boy? Do you think you might like to be like that? Do you think might like to have a new name, and everyone know that you’re a boy?”

As you can see in the video above his parents explain that he was worried about going back to school, and that he wanted a fresh start — go to a new school, as a boy, as Jacob.

Jacob now lives happily as a boy all the time. His family was supportive from day one, and wanted to share their story so the world will adapt and become more accepting of transgender children.