Meet the Felony-Contestants of the Miss Criminal 2015 Pageant

Get ready to take a look at some of the baddest and toughest beauty queens around. Held at the alavera Bruce women’s prison in Rio de Janeiro the inmates got to try on different dresses and have their hair and makeup done by volunteers.

As you can see in the photos above, it looks like the women had two different outfits, a more casual look and then an evening gown. According to the Mirror, this year’s beauty contest winner is 27-year-old Michelle Neri Rangel. She is currently serving 39 years in the maximum security prison for robbery and prostitution.

The main purpose of the pageant is to help raise the self-esteem of the jail mates, and is run with the help of the community and surrounding church groups. See the Miss Criminal 2015 pageant contestants in the slideshow above.