Meet the Girl with the World’s Longest Tongue

Adrianna Lewis has a tongue so long she believes it could be the longest in the world. At just 18 she has become known all over social media for her 4-inch tongue. Not only can she make it  touch her nose but it can also touch her chin, eye.

Adrianna embraced her unusual assets from a young age. At 13 she tried out for Ripley’s Believe It or Not and received an email back saying, ‘Your tongue is really cool, we’d like to see more.’ Adrianna started a YouTube channel two years ago which features her tongue as the star, the channel now has 915 subscribers with some videos racking in more than 20,000 views.

Adrianna told the Daily Mail that her and her tongue are getting recognized all over the world. “Someone also posted my picture on I-Funny and I had a friend from Colorado text me and tell me he saw me on the site. The next week I had a friend from Africa send me a message also, so it’s not just in my town, it’s people all over the world who have seen me.”

Adrianna Lewis is now in talks to be in the Guninness Book of World Records, for having the world’s longest tongue.

Check out Adrinna’s crazy YouTube videos here!