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Meet the Girls Who Left Land Behind to Become Real-Life Mermaids

Meet Hannah and Melissa, they are real life mermaids. While they may have not been born as mermaids, they sure wish they were.
As young girls both Hannah and Melissa were in awe of the idea of mythical creatures and once they grew up they decided to make their dreams a reality. It all started when they realized that they could hold their breath for minutes at a time. They grew from regular swimmers to free divers to actual mermaids. Today they attach mermaid tails to their bodies and perform around the world.
Melissa even decided to change her name legally to Mermaid Melissa, so her friends, family and now fans can know her for what she truly is, a mermaid.
Hannah created her first tail when she was just nine-years-old. What was once a tail made out of duct tape and plastic is now a 60-pound fully functional mermaid tail.
Both of the girls are ocean activists and are available for films, commercials, print, events and promotional appearances.

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