Meet the Husband & Wife Who Kept a Shocking Secret from Each Other for Years

Chris and Joe were only married for five years when she realized that something was different, something about her had changed.

She was only able to keep her secret from her husband for another two years before she just couldn’t bear the weight of it any longer.

The couple had a beautiful family, and everything seemed to be going just as planned. But Chris was conflicted about whether or not to keep living her life as a lie or to be honest with both herself and her family.

She ended up choosing the latter.

While pregnant with her third child, Chris realized that this was the moment of truth. She knew she had to come clean no matter how difficult or painful it would be.

Sadly, her baby was stillborn, though that didn’t stop her from telling Joe what was going on.

After seven years of marriage, she sat her husband down and explained to him that she was a lesbian. It’s something she’s always known deep down, but continued to repress into adulthood.

Before getting married, Chris tried dating a woman when she was 19-years-old, but it didn’t quite work out. Since it was her first lesbian experience, she figured that if a relationship with a woman was going to be that unfulfilling, that she didn’t want to be a lesbian.

She thought she had a choice. She was wrong.

When Chris came out to her husband, his reaction surprised her. Joe was 100 percent supportive, but that’s only because he had been hiding a secret of his own.

As it turns out, Joe was gay, too — something he had known his entire life. However, like Chris, Joe was trying to do what was “right” and live a traditional lifestyle.

In 2006, they both appeared on Oprah to tell their shocking story.

If you’re interested in seeing where they are now, check out the follow-up video below.