Meet the Man Born with His Heart Outside of His Rib Cage

Arpit Gohil is only 18-years-old, but has been born with a rare condition with his heart outside of his rib cage. Without the protection of his rib cage, his heart is only separated from the outside of his body by a thin layer of skin.

Now footage and photos show just what it looks like to have a heart that beats just below the surface of your body.

Aprit wasn’t expected to live long, and doctors told his heartbroken family that they shouldn’t expect him to live beyond infancy. Now they are calling him a medical miracle, saying that even a slight bump could kill him.

The condition is called Pentalogy of Cantrell and, according to, it is a congenital birth defect that causes vital internal organs to form outside of the body. The severity of the condition varies from case to case, but in particularly bad cases it leads to ectopia cordis, where the heart is completely or partially outside of the thoracic cavity.

Despite the risks Arpit, who was born and lives in India, has lead a fairly active childhood climing trees, and driving tractors on the family farm.

“I can do everything like a normal person and don’t have any trouble with my jobs on the farm,” he told local news.