Meet the Man Who Never Ages: This 26-Year-Old Is Trapped in the Body of a Boy

He has the face of a prepubescent boy, but the lifestyle of a grown man. Hyomyung Shin, from South Korea, is a 26-year-old who suffers from a rare condition that prevents his body from physically aging. According to reports, his growth is almost at a completely halt.

He’s being called the “Peter Pan” of Korea because he suffers from something known as “Highlander Syndrome.”

Highlander Syndrome is considered the opposite of progeria—a condition that causes the body to age at a much faster rate. Instead, sufferers of Highlander Syndrome age at a dramatically slower rate than normal. It is extremely rare, and with few reported cases throughout medical history.

Shin’s story was broadcast on a local television documentary, that detailed his life and how he has dealt with being viewed as a child—despite otherwise developing normally as an adult with adult interests and social life.

He even volunteered for a makeover in an attempt to look more mature, but despite a suit and tie he still appears more childlike than not.

According to the documentary, Shin developed normally throughout his childhood until he became a teenager. Shin claims that he never went through puberty, but is otherwise in good health according to his doctors.