Meet the Most Annoying Twins in the World

This is the story of Paula and Bridgette Powers. They live on Queensland, Australia’s Sunshine Coast, and they’re 42 years old. (The video above documents their story from 10 years ago.)

The two look alike, dress alike, speak alike, hum and mumble at the same time, finish one another’s sentences, are both vegetarians, still sleep in twin beds in the same room, and by their own account spent almost every moment of their lives together. They’re both fascinating and frustrating to watch, clearly adults with a tighter family bond than most of us will ever understand, and yet in their unity they come across to some people as super annoying.

While we know it’s not polite to call them “the most annoying twins,” that is the search term associated with the Powers sisters. In fact, if you type into Google “most annoying twins” you get a number of auto-generated options, which include “ever,” “Australia,” and “video”; all of these options point to information on Paula and Bridgette. If we didn’t know that this was a real story, we’d think it was a sketch from Saturday Night Live.

The twins have “never, ever” (they say in perfect unison) had boyfriends. Their love is for protecting animals, particularly pelicans, and they run the Twinnies Pelican and Seabird Rescue refuge on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. As The Sydney Morning Herald Reported last year:

The pair have impressed vets with their innovative skills and, over the years, they and their team of volunteers have saved the lives of thousands of seabirds. “We’ve got a real, real big heart for the seabirds,” they sing in their otherworldly duet, accompanied by a four-handed version of the sort of gestures used by TV reporters. “Because there’s heaps of carers who look after the koalas [each extends a palm], the possums [two palms extended], and the grain birds. But the seabirds are all on their own.”

Check out the video above to see them in action. And let us know what you think.