Meet the Mother and Son Duo Who Learned to Live Without Arms

Linda Bannon and her son Timmy are living proof that any obstacle can be overcome.

Linda was born without arms due to a rare genetic disorder called Holt-Oram.  She used to wear prosthetic limbs, but eventually stopped and decided to learn how to live with her condition by using her feet for everyday activities.

She can now do everything with just her feet: cook, wash the dishes, type on a keyboard, and help her son get dressed.

Her nine-year-old son Timmy was also born without arms as well, so Linda passed her special skills and teachings on to him. Thanks to this, and Timmy’s determination, he now regularly swims, plays video games, takes martial arts classes, and plays the guitar. Linda said that her son is “just like any other kid.”

A mother and son born without arms is a challenge for any family, but Linda said her husband Rich has been incredibly supportive, fully embracing her condition. The two married in 2004.

Linda plans to become a speaker for people with similar disabilities, to help them have fulfilling and happy lives.

Click through the slideshow above to see how this mother and son team can live full, complete lives with their unique condition.