Meet The New Face of CoverGirl – Hijab Wearing Beauty Blogger Nura Afia!

CoverGirl are making some seriously groundbreaking changes to the way they define beauty by recruiting their newest ambassador, Muslim beauty blogger Nura Afia.

A photo posted by Nura Afia (@nuralailalov) on

A photo posted by Nura Afia (@nuralailalov) on

The news comes after their most recent recruit, James Charles, who has just become the brand’s first male face of CoverGirl. The addition of both a male and hijab wearing influencer has enouraged makeup brands and the public to reconsider the social stereotypes that are applied to the beauty industry.

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Nura’s recent appointment is tied to the brand’s So Lashy! mascara campaign. The newest face of CoverGirl started her career with the brand in New York City’s Times Square, where she promoted the product, took photographs with fans and signed plenty of autographs.

Image Source: Getty Images
Image Source: Getty Images

Look at the CoverGirl squad photo shoot, there will be plenty more images like that plastered all over the place real soon!

A photo posted by COVERGIRL (@covergirl) on

The bold and forward thinking move by CoverGirl has helped them to smash any competition they previously faced by showing real people using their products, as opposed to highly edited models.

A photo posted by Nura Afia (@nuralailalov) on

With over 200,000 YouTube followers and 303,000 fans on Instagram, Nura’s bound to do justice to the brand.
Go CoverGirl!

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