Meet the Man Who Lived without Human Contact for 27 Years — Then Society Forced Him to Conform

Composite photo: At left is Christopher Knight at Kennebec County Superior Court in Augusta entering pleas for multiple burglaries and thefts while living in the woods of Rome for 27 years. At right is Knight during his graduation from the Co-Ocurring Disorders Court. Known as the North Pond Hermit, Knight spent seven months in jail and followed by 17 months in the special court program. (Photos by Andy Molloy/Staff Photographer)

In 1986, Christopher Knight left society behind and disappeared into the Maine wilderness. For 27 years, he avoided human contact and lived all alone in secret.

The following video reveals exactly what happened to him:

To survive, he committed more than 1,000 burglaries, stealing what he could from strangers’ homes. Everything he owned did not belong to him. But despite the break-ins, he was never violent or carried a weapon.

Dubbed the ‘North Pond Hermit,’ Knight never spent any money, drove a car, or paid taxes during all those years.

He was finally arrested on April 4, 2013, and charged with theft and burglary.

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