Meet the Teenage Girls Who Are School Trained Exorcists

While the group of teenage girls may seem normal at first glance, these teens are actually trained exorcist. According to the Daily Mail, Bob Larson the reverend at the Spiritual Freedom Churches International has countless teams of trained professionals who perform exorcisms, but he has a few employees who are on high demand.

Meet the teenage girls, who are school trained exorcists, yes you read right. “We have found that our female, teenage exorcists are particularly effective at curing the possessed,” reverend Larson told the publication.  While the ladies try to live life like everyone else, it is what they do on their free time and as a job that really sets them apart. “I don’t watch any television at all. I’m much too busy praying and fighting the devil,” Savannah Schurkenback a graduate of the program said.

The girls have performed countless exorcisms, while most are on people they don’t know, some have had to conduct the procedure on their best friends. However, Savannah admits that their line of work is very dangerous and that her and her trainees have a long way to go till they perfect their talents. “I have a lot to learn, and it’s very dangerous performing exorcisms. The Bible says that a person who is possessed by the devil can have strength seven times more powerful than one man.”
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