Meet the Woman Who Lets ‘Real Life’ Vampires Drink Her Blood

A Louisiana florist has a dark secret that takes most people by surprise—Blut Katchen travels the United States letting people drink her blood directly from her body.  Katchen is 28 years old, and told the Daily Mail all about how she has given her own blood to “real life” vampires for the last thirteen years.

“It’s a release like any other release people seek,” she shared. “If you’re getting something out of it and the drinker is too, then I don’t see a problem with it.”

Katchen shared that she interacts with both men and women who are part of a subculture that practices vampirism, and follow through on their lust for human blood.

The people who drink her blood say that it gives them “energy.” Katchen described the feeling as an intimate and spiritual exchange of energy.

vampirism woman gives blood

“You have to have a very strong connection to the person who is feeding off you,” said Katchen.

While it’s something that doesn’t happen every day—Katchen said that drinking too much blood will make the drinker feel sick—she performs the ritual with some people multiple times every year.

Katchen describes the process as sterile, she uses tools cleaned with alcohol to make inch-long shallow incisions in her back. She will then lie on her stomach and use suction cups to draw out the blood.

Her partner will use mouthwash prior to drinking. Katchen said she has never contracted a sexually transmitted or blood-borne illness from the practice.