Meet Venus, the Two-Faced Cat That Has the Whole World Mesmerized

Venus the two faced cat may have had a presence on the internet for quite some time now, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t still have everyone and anyone who takes a look at her completely mystified and mesmerized.

The unique beauty has a rare genetic trait called chimerism, in which a single organism is composed of genetically distinct cells leading to variations in form, two different blood types or both female and male organs.

In Venus’ case, the chemerism is evident in her dual-colored facial features, including her eyes. The right side of her face is colored black with a green eye, while the left is a golden blonde with a blue-colored eye.

It’s this trait that makes the regular cat things she does leaps and bounds more interesting than other cats doing regular cat things. We’re not kidding: While we usually just scroll through pictures of other felines hiding behind the blinds, sitting in a box or napping, with Venus we’re compelled to stare – maybe even for longer periods of time than we should to keep things from getting creepy.

Don’t take our word for it though, scroll through the slideshow above for yourself and click over to Venus’ Facebook page, set up by her owner.