How Men Can Wear Jewelry Without Looking Ridiculous

Men Can Wear Jewelry

Guys, take note: Jewelry on men can be sexy.

It shows you’re confident, stylish, and that you probably have a fat wallet… and, let’s be honest, that always scores you a few extra points.

However, before you go out and start looking to pile on the chains and studs, you should know there is such a thing as too much bling. We’re not talking about Mr. T. — that dude had a look and he owned it. But it’s not a look most other guys can manage. We’re talking about douchey dudes with rings and bracelets that would make Liberace jealous, who have endless bling spilling out of their open shirts and who smell of way too much Abercrombie cologne. (You know the guys we’re talking about.)

A recent run-in with some men who fit this description got us thinking about this 2012 video featuring Kevin “Dot Com” Brown’s tips on men wearing jewelry. Mansome called on the “bling enthusiast” to lay down the basic rules for guy jewels.

The major take away from the video on everyday male jewelry is that it should be used as a bonus to highlight or camouflage an area, not bring all the focus to the jewel piece itself.

So just make sure to stay away from over-the-top stuff and keep it simple.

Watch Brown break it all down in this funny video.

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