Men Confess What Really Made Them Cheat on Their Wives

It’s a common misconception that many people think men cheat on their wives for sex alone. In a study done by marriage counselor Gary Neuman, he found that 92% of men say that affairs are not primarily about sex.

Here are seven confessions of why these men cheated on their wives:

  1. A man was at a conference for work and he met a woman working for another company. They got along and ended up drinking that night. He had never cheated on his wife before but he explained that this was the “perfect low-risk scenario” since she was also married and lived in a different state. They hooked up and parted their ways. He never told his wife and he doubts she will ever find out.
  2. This man married too young and he felt their relationship was slowly fading out. After catching up with his old high school girlfriend, he realized he wanted to have sex with her more so than his own wife. He cheated on her knowing their relationship was over.
  3. It was his cousin’s bachelor’s party and they were celebrating with strippers. He never had intentions of cheating on his wife, but he found himself alone in a bathroom when one of the dancers offered to give him a blowjob. “I should have said ‘no’ but it is hard to turn it down when it is offered.” He lives in constant fear his wife will somehow find out.
  4. He realized he was a sex addict. He is now currently in a 12-step program to get some help. He feels guilty about destroying his marriage and giving his wife an STI.
  5. It had been five months since the couple had sex and in a moment of weakness, he went on a website to look for a quick hookup. He ended up meeting anther married woman and having sex with her a couple of times. The thrill of “something new” was better than the sex, and he felt horrible afterwards.
  6. He felt neglected by his wife after they had their first baby. He constantly felt like he was being ignored and pushed away, so he fell for a woman on his ultimate Frisbee team. He continues to have a sexual relationship with his friend while married to his wife. He doesn’t know what his long-term plan is. “It isn’t as much fun as people might think being a ‘cheater’ would be.”
  7. The worst of them all. This man believed that anything that happens while on business trips should not be counted against him. Since he provides a nice life for his family, he thinks he deserves it simply because he can.

Do you agree that cheating on your spouse is hardly about sex? Let us know.