Men Pay this ‘Amazon’ Woman to Squish Them Silly

If you’re not already aware, now is the perfect time in history for women to rake in some big bucks for being overweight.

Meet Amanda Soule, 38, a model who stands 6’3 and weighs more than 280 pounds. “I’m not what you’d expect. You won’t see me on catwalks or at fashion shows, but because of my height and weight I’m perfect for an Amazon – or larger-sized – model.”

Her 63-inch hips and 44DD bust are a hit with men who love super-sized women. “A lot of them pay to spend time with me because of my size,” admits Soule.

“The most common request I get is to sit on top of them – or ‘squash’ them.” And so she does!

“I’m also asked to fulfill other fantasies, such as spanking, tickling, foot worship or even just being seen out in public with me.”

Soule shared with Best Daily that she wasn’t always happy with her size. “By the age of 12, I was 6ft and weighted over 168 pounds. Later, I was bullied for my big feet and bottom, and for being taller and heavier than all my male teachers.”

To help boost her confidence, Soule’s mother sent her to a modelling agency. All of a sudden her height became a huge asset. “For the first time, people told me how beautiful I was, and my self-esteem soared. But I was still growing.”

Eventually, her agent told her she had grown too large to be a mainstream model. This was devastating. “In 2003, a friend suggested I’d be a perfect Amazon model.”

And the rest is history.

Soule’s story is quite profound and inspiring. It is a tale of pain, determination, and triumph.

While it’s easy to judge her as strange for her willingness to squish and entertain men, She has a different philosophy:

“Although it sounds like a bizarre way to make a living, I get to meet people from all walks of life and I feel as though I’m putting my natural assets to good use.”