ManServants: A Startup that Provides Women with Men to Do Their Bidding

Male strippers not your cup of tea? You are in luck — there is a service launching this fall that allows women (and men!) to hire men to do their bidding, in a completely non-sexual way of course.

ManServants has addressed the skepticism regarding the legitimacy of their company. Founders Dalal Khajah and Josephine Wai Lin swear that it is the real deal.

“We believe personal assistants and pool boys are luxuries every woman, or gay guy, deserves — even if it’s just for a day,” the founders wrote on their site. “And they make great accessories.”

The start-up’s promo video makes a few suggestions on how to use a man servant. Your man servant can play guitar for you while you take a bath, carry an umbrella for you while you take a stroll around the neighborhood, and do push-ups shirtless.

“If you hate your friend, order a stripper,” one woman says in the ManServants video.

Those interested in becoming a man servant will have to go through an audition process and chivalry training to prove that you have what it takes. The pay is fairly generous at $80 an hour and $300 per day; and if you sing or play a musical instrument the compensation goes up.

Unfortunately, this service and employment opportunity is only for those living in the San Francisco area but do not be surprised if it spreads to other areas of the country in the next year or two.

Watch the news clip above and the hilarious, NSFW promo video below.