You Won’t Believe What This Guy Does with Nutella, Coke, Mentos and a Condom

What’s going on here? Does anybody know? Please, tell us!

In what appears to be some kind of world record achievement, this guy takes a 2-literĀ bottle of Coke and some Mentos to an entirely new dimension.

Usually, the reaction of the simple mixture of Mentos and CokeĀ is so intense, you can propel a rocket by the resulting geyser. But adding Nutella and a condom? What’s supposed to happen next?

Once he pulls the Durex condom over the top of the bottle and the juices start flowing, you won’t believe (or understand) what you just watched.

At least, we didn’t.

Also, we don’t know what’s more fascinating, what this guy is doing, or his overly joyous reaction after the condom breaks.