PHOTOS: Merman Hair Is in, Man Buns Are Out

Hair trends are definitely not only for women. Men’s hairstyles are fun now that man buns are (thankfully) no longer cool–if they were ever really cool, that is. These days, men are dying their hair in bright colors–and not just on the top of their head either. Think shocking pink mustaches and flaming red beards!

The term merman comes from the word mermaid. You know, the mythical sea creatures with long flowing turquoise hair down to their, well, fins. A merman is kind of a male mermaid, at least when it comes to hair.

You’ll be seeing lots of men, young and not-so-young, wearing bright colored locks and beards at the beach this year. (Yes, you can dye a beard, too! Miley Cyrus dyes her armpit hairs, doesn’t she?) The look is perfect on the beach, where the guys look like they just stepped out of their natural habitat, the ocean.

Some men are coloring their head and beard in the same bright color. Some go blue on top and green for the beard. Others are having fun using multiple colors throughout their hair–kind of like highlights, if the sun only turned your hair purple naturally.

Tell us what you think of this trend. Do you think it’s awesome or silly? Is it hot or cold? And if you’re a merman yourself, we want to see your pix so post them here!

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