Mesmerizing Beach Calligraphy by Andrew Van Der Merwe

Calligraphy is more than just a beautiful form of handwriting.

Many people believe it is the process of giving life to letters, and also a way to give life to ourselves. It is seen as a form of meditation in stroke and breath.

For Andrew Van Der Merwe, calligraphy and typography have no borders. He uses it to create vibrant works of art in the sand.

As a calligrapher, he has a particular interest in African colonial and pre-colonial writing systems.

Even wordless writing must have a logic, a system of movement, a poetry. The Cape Town based artist and calligrapher uses sand as his canvas, creating massive and ephemeral messages that are often most impactful when not fully understood. I have loved writing since my first writing lessons as a child and a beach is like a giant piece of paper so it was only natural for me to begin writing there. To this day I remember my first writing lessons and the feeling of the pencil sliding over paper. I have similar memories of the first time I made marks in the sand with sticks and shells. Over time, as I fell more in love with calligraphy, I began experimenting with other tools and making my own instruments to give me more calligraphically pleasing marks in the sand.

As an art form, calligraphy is a largely unexplored territory awaiting discovery.

Check out his stunning work in the slideshow above.