Stunning Underwater Images Showcase Marine Life in Photo Contest

There is something absolutely fascinating about marine life. Whether it is the secrets and mystery those deep, dark waters hold or the unending beauty that resides within, underwater life has captivated people since the beginning of time.

The underwater images recently shown at the University of Miami’s Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospherice Science, remind us once again of the awe-inspiring nature of earth’s last frontier.

Starting in 2005 the school’s annual Underwater Photography Contest gives amateur photographers a chance to showcase and share their captured gems in various categories including macro, wide angle, fish or marine animal portrait, and best student entry. With more than 700 entries from 23 countries, there was no shortage of beautiful, haunting and delightful images.

Check out the high ranking entries from the various categories in the past, courtesy of Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science:

Best Overall: Kyle McBurnie, California
Harbor seal (Phoca vitulina) in a kelp forest at Cortes bank, near San Diego, CA.
Fan Favorite: Pietro Cremone, Italy
Mating Mandarin dragonets (Synchiropus splendidus) photographed in Puerto Galera, Philippines.
Lionfish feeding on SIlversides Pterois Volitans Red Sea, Egypt
Wide-angle 1st Place: Alex Tattersall, United Kingdom
A lionfish on the Thistlegorm wreck in the Red Sea, Egypt.
Wide-angle 3rd Place: Pietro Cremone, Italy
Raccoon butterfly fish and angelfish on a reef in the Red Sea, near Sharm el Sheik, Egypt.
Macro 1st Place: Beth Watson, Missouri
An anemone shrimp in Puerto Galera, Philippines.
Fish or Marine Animal Portrait 1st Place: Steven Kovacs, Florida
A juvenile lionfish during a night dive in Roatan, Honduras.
Best Student Entry: Laura Rock, Florida
Goliath grouper (Epinephelus itajara) during the annual spawning event in Jupiter, FL.