Meth Lab Found in Walmart Shoplifter’s Escape Van

Florida Police responding to a shoplifting call at a local Walmart got more than they bargained for when they apprehended the suspected thief.

Authorities arrived on the scene after an employee reported that a suspected tried to steal $1,700 worth of items from the store. However when they walked the suspect to his car—a Mazda van—they discovered a he was operating a meth lab out of the back of the car.

According to, the four deputies involved had to be taken to the hospital as a mandatory precaution due to exposure to the fumes in the mobile mini lab. All four were later released.

A chemical cleanup crew was called the scene to decontaminate the car and the surrounding area. The Walmart had to be temporarily shut down.

According to reports, the stolen items will also have to undergo decontamination before they can be returned to the store to be sold.

The suspect has not been named, but he was apparently driving a borrowed car that will also require decontamination.