Meth Lab Found in Walmart Bathroom

No store can really compete with Walmart when it comes to the variety of product offered. One store in Muncie, Indiana went that extra mile to offer customers anything they might want, legality be damned.

According to WNEP, police found a meth lab in the Muncie Walmart restroom Thursday night. Employees called the authorities after discovering a suspicious backpack in the men’s restroom.

The backpack, troopers realized upon arrival, actually held an active meth lab. They quickly dismantled the lab and removed the dangerous chemicals from the store.

Police told the store employees that the bathroom would have to be thoroughly decontaminated before customers were allowed to enter and contaminate the bathroom with their own chemicals.

Authorities are still searching for the man or woman who left the backpack in the Walmart.

Featured image courtesy of Inquisitr.