Miami Connection: 24-Year-Old Movie Gets Second Shot at Success

Consider this for a movie plot: A martial arts rock band goes up against a group of motorcycle ninjas that sell narcotics in Florida. Think about it.

Now call us what you may, but we think this could make for one ridiculously awesome movie. And we aren’t alone because about 24 years ago, a martial arts expert and entrepreneur thought the same thing and directed such a movie.

Yes it exists and it’s called Miami Connection. But if you’re wondering why you’ve never heard of the flick, it’s because it received a terrible reaction from movie goers when it was released in 1987 and was booed of the screen. We guess those people didn’t appreciate martial artists battling drug -trading ninjas  the way we do, but that all has changed in the last few years.

Co-director Grandmaster Y.K. Kim’s Miami Connection might have been branded as a flop in the history books forever were it not for an Alamo Drafthouse programmer named Zack Carlson. In 2009 Carlson found a 35mm print of the movie on eBay, purchased it for $50, and showed it to audiences during a weekly Drafthouse series called “Weird Wednesday.”

This time around however, the audience loved what they saw and seemed to embrace the movie. Drafthouse films quickly secured distribution rights and screened it again this year at the New York Asian Film Festival, where the film received another warm reception.

Kim, who also stars in the movie, was in attendance at the New York screening and said, “From beginning to end, the audience cheered and laughed. I was shocked when I saw them going crazy with a never-ending torrent of applause, laughter and screams throughout the entire movie. Even after the movie finished and the lights came on, nobody wanted to leave. They seemed to want to make the good feeling last. I have never seen a movie audience react like this in my life.”

The good feeling and laughs will last because after yet another successful screening at Fantastic Fest in Austin, Tx. last month, the movie is now slated for a Nov. 2nd release, in major cities across the nation, including New York, Los Angeles, Denver, Seattle, Chicago, Dallas, Detroit, Portland, Nashville and Washington DC. For a full list click here.

Check out the laughter-inducing trailer of the 24-year-old movie and give us your thoughts about its second shot at fame and success.