Miami Man Wrestles & Kills Invasive18-Foot Burmese Python

Okay, the next time we go on a wilderness camping trip, we’re bringing this guy along.

A 23-year-old Miami man, Jason Leon, was riding ATVs in a rural area of Florida when he and his friends spotted a snake sticking out of a bush.

Leon, an experienced snake keeper, approached the reptile and pulled it out. That’s when he realized it wasn’t just any old serpent. What he had in front of him was an18-foot Burmese python. Weighing in at a whopping 128-pounds, it is the biggest one ever captured in Florida, according to the state’s wildlife officials.

The female python almost overpowered Leon initially. MSN explains, “as he held it by the neck, the female wrapped around his leg once, then twice and then headed for his waist. He kept grappling with it until he became worried it might sink its razor-sharp teeth into him.”

Luckily, a friend who was with him handed him a nine-inch knife that Leon used to kill the constrictor.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission thanked Leon for ridding the wildlife of the snake, since Burmese pythons are an invasive species that can prove to be ruinous to the area’s ecosystem.

As for Leon, he’s agreed to donate the skeleton, but plans to keep the tan the skin to display on his living room wall.

Feature Image Courtesy of: FWC Facebook