WATCH: Was Michael Jackson Murdered? This ‘Federal Agent’ Says ‘Yes’ — What Do You Think?

michael jackson killed by illuminati

Back in 2013, a man named Robert Connors created a video in which he claims he worked in the Department of Defense for 20 years. This video has recently been recirculating and making its rounds across social media.

Connors claims he was involved in Operation Sedgwick, an offshoot of MK-Ultra, which some have alleged has tried to control the American-American youth through music.

Once you dive into the above video, you’ll find a supposed recording of Michael Jackson. It features a voice that sounds very much like Jackson speaking to his manager Dieter Wiesner. Jackson tries to explain that an organization is trying to kill him, and the people who make up the group are more powerful than the government.

InfoWars and other conspiracy theory blogs have worked hard to debunk this claim, but what do you think?

Check out the video and let us know what you think. Was Jackson killed, or is it all a big hoax?