Michael Jackson’s Ex Breaks Her Silence

Michael Jackson’s ex-wife, Debbie Rowe broke down in tears recently while testifying in the wrongful death trial of MJ. Her claims are that the singer’s doctors held a “pissing match” to outdo each other by who could give Jackson the “better” drugs … a competition she says fueled his deadly drug addiction.

Rowe directed her ire at two docs specifically-– dermatologistDr. Arnold Klein and Dr. Steven Hoefflin. Rowe insisted, that although MJ trusted them to prescribe his pain medication,  the two were in a war, competing to give the singer stronger and stronger doses of painkillers.

Rowe said that by the time Dr. Conrad Murray came on board as personal physician to the “King of Pop”, he “got in there and killed him.”

Due his low tolerance and fear of pain, painkillers like Demerol and Diprivan, Rowe said MJ’s  need for stronger and stronger prescriptions became fevered. She added, “I was probably one of the only ones who said no to MJ.”

Rowe said Jackson’s use of pain meds started with his accident in 1984, when his scalp burned while filming a Pepsi commercial.

Married to Jackson for three years, Rowe is the mother of Prince and Paris Jackson.

Jackson’s three children and his mother are suing AEG, the promoter of what was supposed to be his comeback tour. The suit claims AEG failed to investigate Dr. Conrad Murray, who gave Jackson a lethal dose of propofol.

AEG denies any responsibility for Jackson’s death.