The Mystery of the “Midnight Ghost” Car of the 1930s That Disappeared

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The tale of the Midnight Ghost Car is a strange one. It says that Gui De LaRouche, a French cosmetics magnate, was a man of obsessive passion. He loved cars, the world, and every opportunity to try new things. He was also in love to a beauty named Simone that he wanted to shower with gifts.

De La Rouche was serious about giving her something that no other woman possessed, while also delving into his love of fine cars. And so, he commissioned designer Emmett-Armand to create an automotive masterpiece.

In 1937, the luxury car company Duesenberg ceased to produce cars due to financial constraints. This was a shame for many reasons. Not only were jobs lost, but a beautiful vision began to fade away.

This is when De LaRouche showed up with a vision. He commanded that the longest and most beautiful Duesenberg be delivered his way. Between 1937 and 1940, his “Duesenberg Coupé Simone Midnight Ghost” was designed and manufactured. It was to be pained in a two-tone grey painted scheme, as he wanted it to be “a ghost in the night.”

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It was finally delivered and he went for a twilight drive. He jumped on the gas pedal and got up to 60 mph. Everything was running smoothly, but he wanted to push it more. The supercharger kicked in and he accelerated to over 120! Before he knew it, control was nearly lost and the car fishtailed. This naturally scared him to death.

While the Duesenberg performed beyond De LaRouche’s expectations, he found a flaw that he couldn’t live with. Upon viewing it in the sunlight, he decided he hated the grey-on-grey paint job. He then gave the car back to Emmet, who painted the car a very feminine lilac and green.

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Around that time, the Nazis were ambushing France and luxury cars were being hidden. In a panic, Emmet disappeared in De LaRouche’s masterpiece.

Since the end of World War II, there have been a handful of luxury car graveyards discovered in random countryside hideouts and barns. However, the “Midnight Ghost” has never been found.

Regardless of where it sits today, car enthusiasts deem it one of the most stunning designs ever — with its 6.9  liter, 32 valve, supercharged V8 and custom interior.

The Midnight Ghost Car never landed into the hands of the Frenchman’s lover. Is it possible that something went wrong between the two and he couldn’t handle holding on to the car? Or was it the war?

It appears no one will ever know.

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