Why’d This Dude Bite Off a Chunk of His Teammate’s Ear?

Tuesday’s Triple-A game between the Salt Lake Bees and the Albuquerque Isotopes took a very interesting turn during the eighth inning.

Why? Because part of Alex Guerrero’s ear was bitten off by teammate and catcher Miguel Olivo.

For a minute there, we felt like we were in the twilight zone and remembering the infamous Tyson-Evander Holyfield fight.

According to MiLB.com, the incident occurred after the Dodgers prospect failed to tag a player at second-base before throwing the ball to Olivo.

“Olivo was stressed about it,” Guerroro’s agent, Scott Boras, told The Los Angeles Times. “They had some words going into the dugout. Guerrero was in the far end of the dugout. He went to the front to get his bat and helmet to hit. As he walked across, Olivo decked him.”

Miguel Olivo

The players were in the dugout when the fight broke out, temporarily suspending the game. Soon afterward, both players were replaced by substitutes.

Guerrero is currently scheduled to undergo plastic surgery to reattach part of the ear.

Violence may have become a part of the American sports culture and an accepted part of the game, but why go for the ear?

Salt Lake Bees blog Sting ‘Em Bees gave these thoughts on why the quasi-criminal brawl went down:

It goes like this…….The Isotopes defense had their struggles against our base runners. If I were managing my Comp team I would call it laziness…. The Bees advanced runners multiple times because after plays were seemingly over, Isotopes players would wander away from their base and our Bees runners would advance with very little opposition.

A couple times the runners advanced with the ball in C Miguel Olivo’s hand. I got the feeling he was upset that no one was talking to let him know there was a runner, and when they DID scream “runner!”, no one was at the bag to cover a play. …. That is certainly a cluster of plays that got under the skin of Olivo.

For the life of me I can’t figure out what started what happened next…

Oh, and we can’t forget, this happened on the annual Kids Day at Smith’s Ballpark, whose message speaks of anti-bullying.