Miley Cyrus’s Hot Younger Brother Makes Modeling Debut

Miley Cyrus’s younger brother Braison Cyrus has just signed with the famous Wilhelmina Models and the agency has released some sexy pics of him as a teaser to his official debut in the January issue of Troix magazine. We also did some digging to find the collection you see below.

Judging from the steamy photos, Braison has a bright future ahead of him that was almost cut short when he had a brush with death four months ago.

Braison went through a typical surgery of many young adults—he had his tonsils removed. What wasn’t typical was bursting an artery nine days after surgery and nearly choking on his blood!

Says Braison’s mother Tish, “There is no way he could have kept losing that amount of blood and survived. We are lucky we were a few miles from the hospital and I could get him there. If we were in Nashville it would have taken us 25 minutes to get there and it could have been the difference between life and death.”

We’re glad Braison made it through the ordeal and can’t wait to see more of his modeling spreads. Looks like there’s a new Cyrus sharing the Hollywood spotlight. Move over, Miley!