Military Vet Comes Home to Find His Wife Cheating on Him

WARNING: Graphic content. This video is definitely NSFW.

In the video above, you’ll see footage of Brian May, who served five years in the United States Marine Corps before being honorably discharged, coming home early to discover his wife cheating on him.

According to May’s GoFundMe page titled “Divorcing and my ship is sinking”:

I flew in and took a taxi to my house. First thing I notice is that there is an unfamiliar vehicle in my driveway and none of my vehicles are there. I go inside and start recording and immediately notice my 3 year old daughter down stairs, alone, watching a show on the computer. I go upstairs and into my on suite bathroom and find a man leaning over kissing my wife who is naked and drunk on the toilet. I escort him out, being very careful not to be violent toward him and he literally runs away! I tell my wife that I’m going to her command with the video as adultery is against the uniform code of military justice for people in the armed forces.

Surprisingly, the soldier keeps his cool and makes sure to have the camera rolling the entire time.

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