This Millionaire Wakes Up at 5AM Every Morning to Pick Up Trash Around His Town

A millionaire investor from South Korea who lives in Bahrain doesn’t just have a big bank account – he’s also got a heart to match.

Omar Varov recently recorded and posted a YouTube video of do-gooder Yo, who jokes his last name is “The Boss of Cleaning,” as he walked the streets of his hometown picking up trash and sorting out the recyclables. Varov was tipped off by a journalist friend who noticed this was a frequent occurrence for Yo, who wakes up at 5 in the morning to clean his community and has been doing so for 11 years.

“There is a lot of garbage” he says in the video above. “And this makes people sick. It causes problems.”

So he takes it upon himself to do something at the most meaningful level: getting out and cleaning it up on his own.

Check out the video to see more. You’re sure to be inspired.