Trial Begins for Millionaire Who Performed ‘Mercy Killing’ of Autistic Son

Officers discovered multimillionaire pharmaceutical executive Gigi Jordan, now 54, babbling on the floor of a hotel room in 2010. Her autistic, mute son, only 8-years-old, lay on a nearby bed, dead, with alcohol and pill bottles littering the room.

Jordan never denied that she gave a fatal dose of drugs to her son, but simply said it was a mercy killing.

Four and a half years later, her trial begins today. She’s being tried on murder charges in the New York State Supreme Court in Manhattan. The trial is expected to last two months.

She’s detailed multiple times, through suicide note, court papers, and a jailhouse interview, that her first husband had intended to kill her, and she feared her son, Jude Mirra, might end up in the custody of her second husband, the boy’s biological father who she believes tortured and raped him.

According to the New York Times, it’s unclear at the moment what tactics Jordan’s attorney will take, considering that killing someone to save them from future abuse is not a recognized defense for murder in New York state.

Her current lawyers indicated they will argue the Jordan was in the depths of an extreme emotional disturbance when she killed her son. The lawyer will present evidence to support Jordan’s complex tale of emotional stress leading up to the killing, one that involves a satanic cult that tortures children, death threats from her ex-husband, financial fraud, and the Philadelphia mob.

Jordan’s path to this trial has been a long one, cycling through 11 defense lawyers and countless motions to dismiss the case in appellate courts. She has been incarcerated without bail on Rikers Island, where she’s been pressing for a mistrial based on delays and accusing prosecutors of misconduct — including losing a vial of her blood and other DNA evidence.

She’s even written a 93 page bail application detailing her defense of “altruistic filicide.”

For more information regarding her bizarre case, head over to the New York Times.