Millionaire’s Daughters to Inherit Insane Fortune – Only on a Few Conditions

Maurice Laboz, a New York real-estate mogul who passed away this year at the age of 77, wanted to pass down his fortune to his two daughters. However, in order to receive their insane inheritance there are a few conditions they both must follow.

Marelna is 21-years-old and Victoria is 17-years-old, and if they abide by the rules of their father’s will they will each receive $10 million by the time they are 35. The two must attend sound universities, marry someone eligible, obtain a well established job and must not have any children out of wedlock.

According to the Mirror, both daughters could possibly get $500,000 each if they marry before 35, just as long as their spouses agree to sign a contract stating they will not dare to touch any of the money. The two girls may even receive more funding if they graduate from a university and write a short paragraph on what their future plans are.

Maurice Laboz net-worth reached up to $37 million and after paying both his daughters, if both abide there will be $17 million remaining which will be distributed to charities.