Mind Enhancing Lumosity Goes Mobile

Lumosity has recently enabled customers to take their efforts in improving their BMI or “Brain Power Index” mobile with a new app on your iPhoneAs of Thursday, Lumosity now has an iPad counterpart, so that the brain calisthenics can continue in tablet format.

The program is like a “gym for your brain,” says Lumosity chief executive Kunal Sarkar in a statement. Using  game results to create a distribution of scores for each activity, and then measuring how an individual’s score stacks up. An algorithm then derives the BPI.

The free application boasts 20 million downloads, and currently occupies the coveted position as the number on Education App on the US  iTunes App Store and in nearly 40 countries worldwide. For an extended version of the service – meaning more gaming opportunities – users can open a subscription at the cost of $14.95 per month for the online service or $80 a year for the iPhone and iPad app.

Though the games might be challenging, Lumosity is surprisingly easy to use, thanks to an updated interface that rolled out in June.

The Lumosity application was designed by a team of neuroscientists and cognitive psychologies from Stanford University and the University of California – San Francisco, and was launched in 2007. At the time of its launch, more than 95 percent of users “considered the program to be fun.”

Lumosity reports over 40 million registered users