Family Adopts Mini-Pig and Ends Up With a 600 Lb Pet

A pair from Ontario ended up with a big problem after they adopted what they thought was a mini-pig from a friend. They were told the animal wouldn’t exceed 70 lbs at her full size, however the pig named Esther didn’t stop growing until she hit over 600 lbs.

esther 2

esther 3

Derek Walter and Steve Jenkins don’t seem to mind being duped, as they kept Esther, were inspired to stop eating bacon, and started a shelter for abused and abandoned commercial farm animals. Despite her massive size, Esther still thinks she’s just one of the dogs, although in photos she can be seen dwarfing the other household pets in comparison.

esther 6

esther 7

esther 8

From the looks of it she seems like a pretty laid-back and fun-loving lady.

You can keep tabs on Esther’s adventures on her very own Facebook page or at