Minor League Manager Has Epic Meltdown

This Minor League manager meltdown takes the phrase “childish behavior” to a whole new level — and, as a result, has ended up becoming a viral video joke of the week.

Meet Minor League manager Joe Mikulik, who seems to be having a bad day. Perhaps he didn’t get his nap time in, or maybe he’s got a saggy diaper that leaks. Who can say? What we do know is that when a play got called that he didn’t like, Mikulik went into a rage that we haven’t seen since leaving the playground.

While all of us have witnessed passionate coaches in the past — both professional and on youth sports teams — rarely do they get this… this… Obnoxious? Irrational?

Gosh, it’s just hard to describe because it’s a grown adult freaking out. And, while we don’t want to belittle the players in this game, it’s only a Minor League event. It’s not like this is the World Series, or the Super Bowl, or even Regionals in an episode of Glee. Which begs the questions: Was this kind of reaction really necessary? And was it a good example to set for the players as well as anyone watching?

Here’s some background on the guy, courtesy of Yahoo! Sports:

He’s Joe Mikulik, the minor league manager with the hilariously bad temper. You might remember him from such meltdowns as the infamous ones in 2012 and 2006, when he managed the Class A Asheville Tourists of the Colorado Rockies organization. He no longer works for them, but he’s still managing — the Class A Myrtle Beach Pelicans of the Texas Rangers organization — and he’s still melting down.

Check out the video above for the brief report, and let us know what you think about Coach Mikulik’s reaction. Longer version is below.