Is Your Child Secretly on Tinder?

Here’s some news that may take you by surprise: Tinder, the dating and hookup app, allows kids as young as 13 to sign up for an account.

That’s what we learned from TeenSafe, a leading phone-monitoring program for parents. The revelation that there are minors on Tinder comes with the release of a new version of TeenSafe. The program now allows parent to not only monitor their kids’ cell phone activity, call logs, phone location, text messages (including deleted texts), and social network activity — but also see if they have a Tinder profile as well. If you use TeenSafe and find your child has a Tinder profile, you’ll be able to view it, the photo they’ve placed on the profile, and the age and name they’re using.

Most importantly (at least in our minds), is you’ll see who’s matching with them and be able to read their private Tinder messages.

[Editor’s Note: TeenSafe is a First to Know advertiser.]

According to a recent Mashable article, about 7% of Tinder users are aged 31-17, and this group of young people can only match with other users in the same age range. If the kids are telling the truth. As the Mashable article notes, “there’s no saying an underage user can’t lie about their age and match with older people.”

TeenSafe has been around since 2011, and was the first phone-monitoring program that worked on iPhones without requiring a “jailbreak” — or hacking into the phone’s software. Legally, it can only be used by a parent or guardian on their child’s phone, and only if that child is under 18. So far, the program has been used by more than a million parents, and it’s gotten big support from celebrity parents like Rosie O’Donnell. Now, with the addition of Tinder monitoring and being able to read a child’s current or deleted text messages, TeenSafe is looking to continue its rapid growth.

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