Miss BumBum Runner-Up Hospitalized After Butt Injections Rot Away Body Tissue

Brazilian model and TV presenter, Andressa Urach, is described by friends as a “slave to beauty,” according to The Mirror—but that dedication put her life in jeopardy. The 27-year-old, who was a runner-up in the Miss BumBum competition, was hospitalized after her butt injections caused her body tissue to rot away.

She underwent surgery to remove the hydrogel and PMMA fillers that had been injected into her rear to create a plumping effect, but the procedure sent her into septic shock. The life-threatening infection became so bad that her doctors thought they might have to amputate Urach’s leg. The series of procedures to correct the issue left her in intensive care for a month.


Shortly before her hospitalization she complained of pain and discomfort from the rear injections, and discovered that that her body was rejecting the hydrogel. In addition, she learned that the PMMA was sticking to her muscles and rotting the tissue. The procedure that drained  400ml of hydrogel from her thighs left her with a serious infection in her left leg. The ensuing attempts to drain the remaining fillers sent her into shock.

Her mother reached out to fans, asking for prayers and support, describing Urach’s recovery as slow and painful.

“This takes time and she is assisted by doctors all the time,” she said.

Urach was inspired to plump-up her butt after receiving the runner-up title of Miss BumBum in 2012, but has also reportedly undergone nine cosmetic surgeries within the last five years—including rhinoplasty, bioplasty, jaw reduction, breast enlargement, and liposuction.